Violence in Afaryan

Picture of Violence in Afaryan Detail of Violence in Afaryan

Violence in Afaryan

The series of two embroideries, 110 x 70 cm, 2016

"The Kurds was struggling for gaining independency in the 1980's. Upper-Afaryan was a little Kurdish village in Iran, where I spent many summers. It was also training centre of the peshmerga fighters. The guerrilla war was going on between the Kurds and the troops of the government on the mountains around the village. I made an embroidery work based on these memories. It is a compilation of old photographs and Persian miniatures and dedicated to all Kurdish soldiers fighting against Daesh in Syria. Another part of the series deals with the honour killing of the young Kurdish girl in Upper-Afaryan. Poor girl's story is told in my and Kalle Hamm's documentary film titled Afaryan memories."

Dzamil Kamanger