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Calling Kyiv?

Map of sites in Kyiv Site 1: The Kontraktova Square Site 2: Frolivska Site 3: The Vladimir's Hills Site 4: The Maidan Square Site 5: The Botanical Garden

Calling Kyiv?

Collective environmental work of art, 2015

Calling Kyiv? is an environmental work of art, which was made with the help of the people living in the the Frolivska refugee center in Kyiv. In the first stage, participants gathered their memories and stories of the meaningful places in Kyiv. Based on these stories artists structured four guided tours on which the audience can familiarize themselves on these locations. Sites are marked with plates with the stories of the interviewed person.

Calling Kyiv? is a monument for local identity and for the remembrance of your own history. This work of art records the local micro history and recent history. At the same time, it offers an alternative for the "official" way of writing history that has an alienating viewpoint towards personal experiences: what someone has experienced on that particular location and what it means to her/him.

Site 1: The Kontraktova Square
"I love to come here to concerts and this is a good place to meet somebody anytime."
Jaroslaw from Donetsk

Site 2: Frolivska
"This is a place, where I can get real help, not only empty promises."
Andrei from Donetsk

Site 3: The Vladimir's Hills
"It gives me a wonderful feeling, when I see the river and a view to the other side."
Viktor from Pervomaisk

Site 4: The Maidan Square
"I have seen this square before and after the revolution and I know how it has changed."
Valentina from Luhanskv

Site 5: The Botanical Garden
"All blooming here makes me to forget this war."
Alla from Donetsk