Lace Doilies

Picture of Lace Doilies

Lace Doilies

Tempera on terracotta, dimensions variable, 2002

Dzamil Kamanger has rolled into clay Finnish lace doilies, which he has then painted in Central Asian tones. The work Lace Doilies presents granny’s lace doilies from a fresh perspective and transfers to them Kamanger’s images and his memories of his home country. The work includes lace that first found its inspiration from pieces that sailors brought back to Rauma from Italy, where the designs were in turn influenced by Byzantium and Persia. Cultures travel, collide and merge. Cultures do not stay still but are enriched by every encounter. Culture is not a measure of civilisation to be owned, nor is it a part of heritage to be sheltered under glass – culture is a living, interactive happening.