Relics – Three Conversations at Vuojoki Mansion from Kalle Hamm on Vimeo.

Relics – Three Conversations at Vuojoki Mansion

Movie version: DV PAL 16:9, 40 min, 2010
Sound version: Wav 16 bit, 40 min, 2010

"Kalle Hamm’s Relics is a cinematographic video work consisting of three conversations set at the Vuojoki Mansion. Each conversation is associated with a specific century and expresses the consternation of past epochs when faced with new ideas. The conversations are selected from works in the library of the mansion, including George Sand’s Impressions et souvenirs (1873) and Contes d’une grand-mère (1873) and Gustav Holmberg’s Niels Klims underjordiske Rejse (1714).

The quotations from the books and references to them build up into thematic conversations about mirrors, clocks and bridges. The fictitious situations are intercut with painterly and allusive footage of nature, music and paintings. The first conversation explores art as mirror and memory, and also recollections as art. The second conversation asks the viewer to imagine a book and, through the book, everything that is achievable through art. The third conversation draws parallels between nature and technology, and between cinema and standing on a bridge in a garden. The general theme of the work is an exploration of time and its relation to art, and the layers of nature and culture.

The soundtrack of the Relics is presented as an independent sound work at the Vuojoki Mansion"

Kaija Suni