Garden of Invasive Alien Species

Garden of Invasive Alien Species

Persian Hogweed (Heracleum persicum), HD PAL 16:9, 3"00 min, 2013

Garden of Alien Invasive Species continues Kalle Hamm's and Dzamil Kamanger's works of garden. Four species were chosen for this garden. They all are claimed as invasive alien species and several campaigns have been launched to get rid of these plants in Finland. These four species are Himalayan balsam, Persian hogweed, Japanese rose and Big-leaved lupine. Because artists took the thread of these invasive alien species seriously, they ended up to film these plants instead of growing them. The soundtrack of the piece is made by recording electro-magnetical vibrations directly from the plants without any digital manipulation. Only used devices were an analogical amplifier, mixer and equalizer. In this way Garden of Invasive Alien Species is giving voice to unwanted alien "Otherness".