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Calling Kerava?

Map of sites in Kerava Site 1: A Cherry Park (Kauppakaari 17) Site 2: The Kerava Center (Kauppakaari) Site 3: The Railway Station Bridge (Asemansilta) Site 4: An Underpass (Lapilanpolku) Site 5: The Ollila Pond (Ollilan lampi)

Calling Kerava?

Collective environmental work of art, 2014

Calling Kerava? is an environmental work of art, which was made it with the help of the immigrants living in Kerava. In the first stage, participators gathered memories and stories of the meaningful places from other immigrants and refugees in Kerava. Based on these stories artists structured a guided tour on which the audience can familiarize themselves on these locations. Sites are marked with small plates. From the plates you can read the story of the interviewed person. There are 14 places marked by the plates all together and they represent ten different languages.

Calling Kerava? is a monument for diverse identities and for the making them visible in the public space. This work of art records the local micro history and recent history. At the same time, it offers an alternative for the "official" way of writing history that has an alienating viewpoint towards personal experiences: what someone has experienced on that particular location and what it means to her/him.

Site 1: A Cherry Park (Kauppakaari 17)
"These cherry trees blossom first. Spring comes to the town while petals have fallen. It is the symbol of revival."
Woman, born in Russia

Site 2: The Kerava Center (Kauppakaari)
"Everything locates in the center: shops, train, bus and police stations, a library, a pharmacy, a bank, a school, restaurants, a health center, a swimming hall and a sport park."
Woman, 29 years old, born in Thailand

Site 3: The Railway Station Bridge (Asemansilta)
"The view over the station area is very beautiful"
Woman, 50 years old, student

Site 4: An Underpass (Lapilanpolku)
"It was good place to make graffiti, when I was young."
Man, 33 years old designer, born in Lebanon

Site 5: The Ollila Pond (Ollilan lampi)
"I draw and take photographs here."
Woman, 16 years old, student, born in Vietnam