Fall of Man

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Fall of Man

36 drawings, 100 x 75 cm, ink on paper, 2008

"The Installation titled The Fall of Man is comprised of 36 drawings, which depict well-known men of society from antiquity to the present day. With encyclopedic thoroughness, Kalle Hamm has collected quotes and references that provide evidence of the attitudes of the depicted men toward homosexuality. This approach is similar in some sense to Michel Foucaultís archeological method, which, based on utterances from past, tries to comprehend how our current understandings of sex and sexuality has been formed. Instead of a Bible legend, Kalle Hamm, pursues a secular creation myth, in which he is assisted by literary, philosophical, theological and biographical texts. Against the background of the collected statements and comments, a comprehensive historiography of homosexuality appears, which creates a summarized picture of how the regime of knowledge surrounding homosexuality is constructed and who has historically had the power to participate in the making of it."

Airi Triisberg