Whiteness Whiteness Whiteness


Ink on paper, 2013

The triptych is dealing with the myths of whiteness. It deconstructs three aspects of imagined white superiority: imperialism, race and Christianity.

Europe has always considered itself as a masculine and active continent, which it has also used as one argument for right to conquer other continents seen as feminine and so penetrable, too. Originally Europe was daughter of King Agenor, who was the Phoenician king of Tyre. That means she had Asian roots. Europe Devouring Her Father modifies the famous Goya.s painting Saturn devouring his children reminding Europeans on their Asian origin and imperial acts.

The Caucasus Mountains have been thought to be one of possible origins so called white race. Such superior intelligence and reason the whites thought to have over other races couldn.t be born on flat lands but only in the heights of the mountains in cold clear air, close to God. Prometheus - the culture hero of Greeks - was also chained here. The Negative Caucasus is the panoramic view of the Caucasus where mountains are shown as a negative image questioning the thoughts on the origin of the white race.

Reprobus.s legend has many variations. He has been located in Libya or Canaan and represented as a giant man with human or dog head. He was assisting people to cross a dangerous river. Once, a little child asked him to take him across the river. During the crossing, the child became so heavy that Reprobus fell under the water. It appeared the child was Christ and Reprobus happened to get baptized at the same time. He got a new name Christopher (Christ-bearer). Jesus Forcing Reprobus to Get Baptized modifies Titian.s fresco Saint Christopher.s to remind the role of Christianity in the relationship of the white race to other races.