The Starfish

The Starfish

DV PAL 16:9 15,38 min, 2009

The Starfish is a remake of Man Rayís surrealistic film Lí»toile de mer which was made in Paris 1928. Itís based on Robert Desnosís surrealistic poem which he wrote under hypnosis. He read this poem to Man Ray in the bar. The both were completely drunk. Man Ray got immediately a vision how the poem should be transformed into a film. Unfortunately Robert Desnos was about to leave abroad in few days. They asked Man Rayís lover, Kiki, and his neighbour to act in film. Man Ray guided them to act like dolls. Some additional footages were shot after Desnosís leave and after that Man Ray edited the final version.

The Starfish is the first part of the series of video works exploring question of authenticities. A seeing of art is always making an interpretation of it. Every interpretation is unique and different and in the endless cycles of interpretations the original art work is wiped out and transformed something very different than it was in the beginning.